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Viral Growth Media (VGM) is a Social Media Marketing Agency that specializes in assisting Fortune 500 companies like HBO,, Kylie Cosmetics, and Dollar Shave Club with their Online Marketing and Branding needs.

VGM decided to giveaway $100k worth of marketing services to attract new leads. They used Facebook Ads to drive traffic into a Chatbot to gather information about these leads then had their Sales Team hop on the phone with them ASAP.



The Chatbot VGM set up was never taught to collect and disseminate the data properly. This forced the Laura, the founder of VGM, to have to sift through the conversations, manually copy and paste the data into a Google Sheet, assign each lead to a Salesperson, then copy and paste the Lead information into Slack to notify the Salespeople when a new lead had been assigned to them.

This was a big problem because:

  1. It was preventing Laura from focusing on growth related tasks that would push her business to the next level.

  2. It was creating a bottlenecking effect because Laura was not available to manually push leads out to her sales team 24/7

  3. The bottleneck prolonged the time period between a lead coming in and the sales call being made. It's imperative to strike when the iron is hot and call a Lead ASAP, or else they lose interest.


The Solution was simple, attach actions to the Bot that allow it to be a store of data, then have it push that data out to the necessary locations via API connections all while assigning each Lead to an individual salesperson in an evenly distributed manner.

Here is everything the Bot did to solve the issue:

  • Assign incoming Leads to individual Salespeople in an evenly distributed manner on autopilot

  • Assign Safety Nets to the Bot Blow so the Chatbot can effectively follow-up with individuals that didn't complete all the questions.

  • Find out how interested each Lead actually was in the opportunity by asking qualifying questions

  • Push all of this data out to a Google Sheet automatically

  • Send a Slack notification into the Sales Team's channel, tag the salesperson that was assigned to the lead to notify them the instant the lead comes in

  • Push all of the important information about that Lead into the Slack channel so that the Salesperson has all the info they need.

All of this is performed by the bot in a matter of seconds. This allowed the Sales Team to contact the Leads the minute they came in and saved Laura about 7 hours of work per week.


The Bot Doc took my Super Soldier Chatbot and turned it into Captain Marvel. They are fantastic and definitely just leveled up my game.

- Laura Egocheaga, Viral Growth Media Founder