Team 10 is a behemoth of a company based in the Social Media and Entertainment industry that amassed over 6 million followers across their social media channels.


Started by Jake Paul, Team 10 is not currently active as they are supposedly looking for another Team of Social Media Influencers to take over the Vlogging world. 



Team 10 was running their $100k Loop Giveaway and needed extra spots sold last minute. That's when Athena Kavis, The Bot Doc, and our in house media buyer Ariel came in to save the day.

Athena, the sales person, needed to sell $60,000 worth of Loop Giveaway Spots, valued at $20,000 a piece.

The problem was that there was only 1 salesperson available to take calls and only 2 weeks to call all of the leads that would come in from the Facebook Ad Campaign...


The Solution was simple, build a Lead Pre-qualifying Bot and run targeted traffic to it via Facebook Ads, but it didn't stop there.

Here is everything the Bot did to solve the issue:

  • Educate incoming Leads on the opportunity to shorten the time on sales calls

  • Find out how interested each Lead actually was in the opportunity

  • Find out if the Lead has access to $20,000 of capital for the opportunity

  • Automatically send all of the data to a Google Sheet the minute it comes in so Athena could effectively sift through the Leads and save room on her schedule for the qualified ones.


Unqualified Leads Filtered out:      266

Average Call Time:                           15 minutes 

Total time saved:                              66.5 Hours

Sales Made:                                       4

Amount Raised:                                $60,000


I don't know what I would have done without The Bot Doc. Not only did the bot save me multiple days worth of phone calls, but it shortened the amount of time I needed to spend on the phone with each Lead. 

- Athena Kavis