Top 10 Messenger Marketing Opening Lines

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

It is without a doubt that Messenger Marketing has quickly become the most effective form of marketing! It fits perfectly in with what’s been trending with business. Making personal connections with people through humor and relatability, and it fits comfortably between SMS and Email Marketing...Not too invasive but has high open rates.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the most popular business pages on Twitter!





These companies, along with a multitude of others, use these tactics the shift the public's perspective.

Alright, well now that you understand that humor and relatability is the key to winning over the hearts of your customers, let’s jump into our Top 10 Messenger Marketing opening lines.

Top 10 Messenger Bot opening lines for Broadcasts (in no particular order)

1. Hey-hey! It’s, {{insert robot name}}, your friendly neighborhood robot 🤖

2. Knock-knock! 🚪

3. Pssst I’ve got a secret ...wanna hear it?

4. Hey, {{first_name}}, uhhh you got a second?


6. Hey, {{first_name}}, I’ve got a quick math problem for you. So if Sandy has 5 nickes, and Robert has 12 pancakes, how many of our *products* can you buy with our 50% off sale that’s launching this Tuesday?

7. Hey! Sorry I’m not that girl you’ve been waiting on a text from, but at least I’m not your mom? What do you say I make it up to you with a sweet offer?

8. Wyd (sent at midnight and only good for certain industries)

9. I wanna make a deal with ya, {{first_name}}. What do you say you click that button down there and I’ll teach you how to *insert skill here* more effectively.

10. You know, {{first_name}}, it would be real nice if I didn’t have to text you first all the time :(

Hope you like them!

When coupled with our Sticky Broadcast method our CTR has jumped through the roof! To learn more about Sticky Broadcasts feel free to Book a Call with us.

In the end, it’s all about sparking the recipient’s curiosity. The great thing about Messenger Marketing is that we already know there’s like an 80% chance that they open the message, we just have to do what we can to increase the probability of them clicking-through.

Chances are pretty good that if you are able to spark curiosity AND make them laugh, then they are going to click-through. Not only that, but by you being responsible for putting a quick smile on their face they will be far more receptive to whatever deal you put in front of them.


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