How ChatBots improve customer experience

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

There are a million different use cases for ChatBots. All of which are based around enhancing the customer's overall experience.  In this blog, I'm going to elaborate on 3 different examples of how a ChatBot can make your customers happier and result in higher customer retention.

To start things off, I want to ask you a question. 

If you were to message a company and get the answer to your question INSTANTLY without having to wait for an email reply, without waiting on hold for 30 minutes, without even getting in contact with a representative, what would that do to your perception of the company?  That's just one of the superpowers a ChatBot brings to the table when working for your business.  You unlock access to 24/7 customer support.  How can a ChatBot manage incoming requests from customers? Here are just a few ways:

Your ChatBot can take over your current FAQ page

Have you ever met anyone that likes scouring the lengths of an FAQ page in order to find the answer to their question? You can have your bot set up with keywords that prompt answers to your most commonly asked questions.  Have someone submit a question that your bot doesn't know the answer to? No problem, your bot can send a notification directly to your phone so you can jump in and take over the chat dialogue.  Then, the unknown question that was asked can be recorded by the bot so that new keywords can be made to answer a wider variety of questions.  Imagine how smart your bot will be after a year of this!

Bridge the gap between your company website and its site visitors.

Imagine being in a world where every brick and mortar store invested in self checkout registers and kept all of their employees in the back room to work on other things.  While you walk around your local Target, you realize you have a question about the product that you're looking to purchase. You look around to find some help, but then notice a sign asking you to sift through their FAQ list before emailing or calling customer support.  That is exactly what having a website without a ChatBot is like.  Your ChatBot can be taught to answer incoming questions, educate people on the products/services you offer, and even direct your site visitors toward finding the right purchase for them.

Allow your ChatBot to have access to customer information to assist with specific inquiries.

Did you know that your ChatBot can talk with other software applications?  Through API integration we are able to teach ChatBots how to obtain information from other software applications to assist customers in a way that hasn't been possible before.  Have information on a Google Sheets file? Your ChatBot can be taught to search that file for information and then regurgitate that information back to the customer.  Some ideas for questions could be: "How many points do I have on my loyalty rewards program?""When did my order ship?""What is the order number of my most recent purchase? The opportunities are seemingly endless.

In conclusion, over the course of the next few years, having a ChatBot working for your company will become the new standard.  Currently it's only the top 1% with a few other's sprinkled in that's taking advantage of this new technology to improve the overall customer experience that their business provides. Contact us today to see how a ChatBot can give your company the competitive advantage you've been searching for.

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