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Netcon is a platform to unite entrepreneurs by providing online and in-person resources to learn about online business acumen and entrepreneurship.

Their events have hosted some of the biggest names out there like Dan Fleyshman, John Malott, Dillon Kivo, and Michael Gonzalez



NetCon created a Mastermind Community with a 90-day Free Trial that they were ready to begin pushing traffic into.


NetCon approached us wanting a Bot that performed the following:

  • Provide a seamless on-boarding process for new Mastermind Members

  • Keep track of the date each Member joined and mark the day their free trial ends

  • Push a notification out to each member on the day their Free Trial ends to convert them into paying customers

  • Act as a medium to alert all of their Mastermind members when Member Zoom Calls are going live.



  • 100% Boost in Call attendance when Broadcast reminders were sent out

  • 70% of Leads completed the entire Flow

    • 15% of that 70% were picked up by the Safety Net

  • 493 New Members in the first month​ (organic growth)


Their wish was our command! we got a bot that performed all of those things for them plus more.

For the On-boarding Process we decided to send people into the Chatbot via a URL attached to multiple Instagram story swipe-ups.

Upon swiping up, the leads were prompted to provide their email, and phone number (contact info was then immediately pushed into Active Campaign by the Bot). Then given all of the instructions to get started and pushed into a Discord Group. 

BOT BONUS: If the Lead failed to complete the full on-boarding process then the bot would automatically follow up with them and nudge them to complete it (AKA The Bot Doc Safety Net).

The date the lead joined the Mastermind Community was only recorded once the lead clicked to join the Discord Group (the final step of the Bot Flow). Then the 90 day countdown began.

23 hours after a Lead converted and joined the Discord Group, the Bot sent out an individual message to each new member to forward an invitation to join the Free Mastermind Community to their friends. Effectively creating a virality aspect to the Chatbot.

A broadcast template was then set up once a week to engage the audience to join the Mastermind Zoom Calls with one click of a button.

After the build-out of the Bot NetCon decided to take away the 90-Day Free Trial and make the entire group free forever.

I don't know what I would have done without The Bot Doc. Not only did the bot save me multiple days worth of phone calls, but it shortened the amount of time I needed to spend on the phone with each Lead. 

- Simon Lerner, NetCon Founder