Messenger Marketing

Facebook messenger and direct social media marketing has become one of the best in high converting marketing strategies. Rather than outdated e-mail marketing strategies, Facebook messenger strategies are leading to better open rates and improved conversion rates. Messenger marketing ultimately leads to improvements with your overall marketing effort and when manned by a chatbot, the process of messenger marketing becomes incredibly easy for any business to include with their marketing budget.

Messenger marketing and Facebook marketing today can include the use of private auto responders for posts, chat auto responders as well as ongoing messages sent out across a list. Messenger marketing ensures that you don't have to pay for ongoing leads, you can make sure that your comments and conversions happen without you having to pay for paid search listings or every click that you receive. This can make messenger marketing much cheaper than you would pay for PPC or other marketing tactics as well.

The other big advantage that you can receive for messenger marketing is building instant rapport with your customers. The information learned from your customer’s chatbot conversations can be recorded and used for a variety of marketing data as well. You can learn more about your customer’s tendencies, their thoughts, preferences and more. Messenger marketing introduces the chance for your customers to have a voice and to respond to questions that could eventually work just the same as a surveys would for improving your products/services.

With a variety of options including on-site chat widgets, response bots and customer service assistance, you can run your business with all the tools it needs to convert over social media with ease. 

If you are interested in utilizing messenger marketing for your business contact our staff today. We can introduce new messenger marketing tools that will improve your brand.