Interactive Business Cards

Older style business cards can no longer convert with the same success that you might find using a new interactive business card technology. One of the latest trends in top converting marketing strategies using business cards comes from the process of converting your business cards to a chatbot system. 

Interactive business cards will immediately answer any inquiries 24 hours a day. They can open up a conversation about your company or your profession and help you properly convert visitors over to your website. 

Interactive business cards are the perfect way to tell a prospective client about your company by leaving them a card that allows them to open up an interactive chat to learn more before you even speak with them a second time. These are much more interactive than sending someone over to your website and much more personal for creating rapport as well. 

Interactive business cards can give directions to your office address, they can redirect customers over to your contact numbers so that you can be called up directly. They can also help you to capture new contact details from your client so that you can have a much more personal interaction with them in the future.

Interactive business cards using chatbot technology can be built to the specifications of each customer. Depending on the goals for your business and the goals for your business card, the newest interactive business card codes could help you open up a conversation faster and design a more personal experience for anyone that holds your card. 

If you are interested in building interactive business cards that direct your clients to an instant chat from your card link, contact us today to learn more.