Facebook Messenger Bots

If your company runs a professional social media page, you should strongly consider using a professionally made messenger bot application on your social media account. Messenger is the most popular instant messaging applications and it's also one of the greatest applications for marketers as well. 

Facebook messenger bots leverage the ability to engage with a number of users across messenger at the same time. These applications can mitigate customer service traffic while continuing to engage new customers. One messenger bot could replace several customer service agents and continually handle customer service interactions over a full 24-hour span without a break.

What many marketers are discovering about Facebook messenger bots is that they can produce better engagement in a customer base versus producing social media content or building e-mail content.  Especially with the declination of organic reach across all social media accounts. Facebook messenger marketing for example creates an open dialogue conversation with a customer. These messages subvert any type of spam filter and typically lead to instant responses. E-mail marketing may get you a generous open rate of 17% whereas Facebook messenger bots  are answered at about an 83% rate within the first hour. 

The newest messenger bot technology goes far beyond creating a set of scripts as well. New messenger bots  contain natural language processing in which there is no need for a menu. The messenger bot can continue asking open-ended questions, answering questions that the users provide all while analyzing text that has been previously created throughout the conversation.

As you can see, Facebook messenger bots  have come a long way and the latest form of this technology can be an amazing asset to your business. If you are interested in using Facebook messenger bots  with your current business operations contact us today.