Dillon Kivo is a Public Relations mogul that owns Authority Titans, a PR Firm that has been featured in some of the world's top publications including Forbes, Yahoo, and MSNBC just to name a few.

Authority Titans also serves as the PR Firm for globally recognized names such as Ice Cube, Brad Lea, and cbdMD.

Authority Titans' primary service is to make you famous by putting you in nationally recognized publications with a 99% success rate, or your money back.



Dillon reached out to The Bot Doc interested to learn how a Chatbot could be integrated into their current business infrastructure.

After the discovery call, we determined that a Booking Bot would be the best place to get started as Dillon was looking to improve upon the following:

  • Increase the  percentage of leads that actually showed up to each call

  • Shorten the length of time of each call by pre-educating leads before the call

  • Boost Sales Call Conversion Rates


The Solution was simple, build out a Booking Bot that automates every inch of the sales call scheduling process.

Here is everything the Bot did to solve the issue:

  • Capture and store user data by simplifying the scheduling process with single click email & phone number captures

  • Apply a follow-up message if a lead has not booked a call within 15 minutes talking with the bot.

  • Automatic creation of the Zoom Call

  • Auto-disseminate lead data to a Google Sheet

  • Auto-send a 3 hour confirmation message to confirm the attendee will still arrive to the meeting and alert the Meeting Host that the attendee is good to go.

  • Pre-educate leads before the call by sending them a quick video talking about the basics of Authority Titans services so the phone call can be more efficient.

  • Send the attendee the exact Zoom Call link 5 minutes before the call via Messenger so they can join with the tap/click of a button

  • Auto follow-up with the Invitee after the meeting by thanking them and sending links to testimonials and case studies

All of this is performed seamlessly by the Booking Bot and is exactly what you'll get once you hop on the Booking Bot train like Dillon Kivo did!